Video Competition

The Faculty of Classics at Cambridge is well known for putting the Ancient World on screen. With Mary Beard, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, and others on the staff, Cambridge’s Classics academics are some of the most familiar faces on TV documentaries.

This new competition invites you to take part in this mission of communicating the Ancient World through film (YouTube, not BBC1 just yet!). We are looking for creative and interesting films which explore a classical object or topic in less than 4 minutes. There will be a prize fund of £500 for the best entries and the winning videos will be put on our unique website – The Greeks, The Romans & Us ( – which features a range of videos of Cambridge’s well-known and up-and-coming Classicists.

How to take part

You are invited to form a team of up to four members in Years 9-13, that is aged between 13/14 and 19.

You then need to select an object or a topic to focus on, and consider how best to present it. Remember that film is a visual thing, so it has to look interesting as well as sound interesting. Even 4 minutes seems like hours if your video doesn’t have some visual interest and variety in it!

It’s entirely up to you what subject you choose for your film, so long as it’s something drawn from the ancient world: it could be a historical question like “why was Julius Caesar assassinated?”, or it could focus on a piece of literature like a poem by Catullus or a Greek Tragedy, or it could be about a particular object, an ancient coin, or vase, or statue.

How you present it is also up to you: you could go for a traditional mini-documentary style, or for something more artistic – the choice is yours. To see last year’s shortlist visit:

Every member of the team does not need to appear in front of the camera; you may wish to spread the tasks of writing, recording and presenting your ideas. The film may also include other individuals, as long as they consent to taking part.



The judges will be looking for films that show real thought about the subject you are presenting and that use the video format effectively to make your film interesting and rewarding to watch.

The overall prize fund is £500 which will be shared out by the judges amongst the winners, and the top videos will be put on The Greeks, The Romans & Us website for all to enjoy.


To enter the competition

After you’ve created your film you need to do the following:

Upload your film

When you have finished, upload it to YouTube ( This is an easy way of sharing films, ensures that all films are of a similar size and quality, and enables you to retain control and copyright of your film. It may be helpful to look at the guidance available for uploading films to YouTube This includes information for converting file formats and uploading from mobile devices.

You may wish to mention that your film is an entry for the competition. However, you must include the following disclaimer: The views and opinions in this film are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of any member of the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.

Application forms

1. Please fill in the online entry form. The deadline for entries is 15 March 2017.

2. Please download, sign, scan, and return the declaration form.

Your team members do not need to attend the same school or sixth form college, but we do ask for a signature from one teacher to authorise that the entry is the work of the team.


Anything that you quote in the piece should be acknowledged in a written or spoken form. Please remember that permission should be sought to use any image, music or film that is in copyright and if granted, credit must be given at the end of the film. You can find guidance about what copyright is, what it applies to, who owns it and how long it lasts at

Good Luck and we look forward to watching your film!

Any queries?

Click here to download this text as a PDF flyer for printing.