Art & Archaeology Curriculum Links

Classical Civilisation 

Teachers and learners of the Classical Civilisation A Level, Greek Art and Architecture module will recognise many of the objects from the specification on this list. Professor Caroline Vout’s video on the Peplos Kore will offer students a rare opportunity to think about polychromy in the ancient world. While the Parthenon clip is rather short, it is a fun introduction to the monumental temple, and a good taster of Greek Architecture. For those wanting to watch a longer video, “Greek and Roman Statues: stories, ancient and modern” is a great introduction to the stories statues tell about the ancient world, including the story of change. 

For longer videos on Art and Archaeology, why not have a look at our list of Talks and Lectures. There you will find a collection of online lectures and podcasts delivered by academics from the Classics Faculty at Cambridge. These lectures, talks and radio interviews, have been drawn from all over the internet and most are around 1 hour long.  We especially recommend Nero and the art of dissolution by Caroline Vout