After the application process is over there are three possible outcomes:

1.You will be made an offer. This means that the College you applied to have accepted your application and wish to offer you a place. If you have not yet sat your final school exams this offer will usually be conditional and depend upon your achieving certain grades in the qualifications you are taking. If you have already completed all your school exams you may be made an unconditional offer of a place.

2.Your application is ‘pooled’. This means that the College has been impressed by your application but is not able to offer you a place. Your application is then made available to other Colleges to consider. Other Colleges may ask you to attend a further interview in January or offer you a place without a further interview. If no College is able to offer you a place, you will be informed of this usually by the end of January.

3.Your application is unsuccessful. This means that Cambridge is not going to offer you a place to study here. Unfortunately, the high quality of applicants means that every year we have to turn down a large number of very good applications.

If you are offered a place you will be informed by your College and by UCAS. You will then have to reply to that offer through the UCAS system.