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Lectures and Videos List


Ancient Literature

Women in the ancient world with particular reference to Greek tragedy by Rosanna Omitowojou

Khameleon Productions: Introduction to MedeaThis discussion with the producers of an all BAME Medea is a great resource for use in the classroom. Khameleon Productions’ adaptation of the play focuses on Medea’s “otherness” and exclusion.

Does Virgil Lie by Ingo Gildenhard

Modern and Ancient Heroes by Tim Whitmarsh 

Tom Nelson on Homer’s Illiad



Nicholas Denyer ‘Aristotle on the round earth’

James Warren ‘Epicurus on Death’

Caroline Vout Myth and Religion: Encountering the Divine in Greece and Rome

Stephan Stephanides ‘Plato on the true self’

David Sedley ‘Socrates and the good life’

James Warren ‘The historical background to Socrates’ trial’


Ancient History 

What did Tacitus Write? by Ingo Gildenhard

Why did Tacitus write his Imperial history year by year? by Ingo Gildenhard

Carol Atack: ‘Who Knows? The problem of political knowledge in Athenian Democracy’

Mary Beard: ‘Rome and its Neighbours’

Rosanna Omitowojou ‘Women in the Ancient World’ 



Linguistics and Linear B with Dr Pippa Steele


Writing in the Ancient World

Write Like the Ancients Introduction

Write Like the Ancients: Remembering the Dead

Write Like the Ancients: Rule of Law (How was writing used by governments in the Ancient World?) 

Write Like the Ancients: Writing as Art.

Write Like the Ancients: Making it all Add Up: This is a more detailed look at how Linear B, an early form of Greek writing, was used for palace administration.


Language Learning

Latin Mini Lesson 1: Nouns Cases and Declensions  with Dr Antonia Marie Reinke

Latin Mini Lesson 2: Verbs, Conjugations and Tenses (i) with Dr Antonia Marie Reinke

Latin Mini Lesson 3:  Verbs, Conjugations and Tenses (II) with Dr Antonia Marie Reinke

Latin Mini Lesson 4: Adjectives with Dr Antonia Marie Reinke


Diversity in the Greek and Roman Worlds

Mary Beard “Whiteness” The Gifford Lectures

Tim Whitmarsh “Black Achilles: Skin Color in Ancient Greece”

Pippa Steele: “Linguistic Diversity in Roman Britain”

Robin Osborne: “Seeing the Other”

Khameleon productions Adaptation of Euripides’ Medea: an Introduction. 


Archeology, Sculpture and Art

Greek and Roman Statues: stories, ancient and modern | Cambridge Taster Lecture Caroline Vout

A World of Make-Believe Nigel Spivey

Arthur Evans, the Ashmolean, and the display of Minoan Crete Yannis Galanakis

From sexual pursuit to rape: sexual violence in Athenian painted pottery Robin Osborne

The origins of the non-competitive sports day Robin Osborne

P. N. Ure and the Tyranny of the Archaeologist Robin Osborne

Urban Highlights Martin Millett

Nero and the art of dissolution Caroline Vout

Twelve Caesars: Images of Power from Ancient Rome to Salvador Dali Mary Beard

Mistaken Identities: How to Identify a Roman Emperor Mary Beard


The Gifford Lectures

1. Introduction: Murderous Games - The Gifford Lectures Mary Beard
2. Whiteness - The Gifford Lectures Mary Beard
3. Lucretia and the politics of sexual violence - The Gifford Lectures Mary Beard
4. Them and us - The Gifford Lectures Mary Beard
5. Tyranny and Democracy - The Gifford Lectures Mary Beard
6. Classical Civilsation? - The Gifford Lectures Mary Beard


Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

The Peplos Kore by Caroline Vout
The Townley Discobolus by Caroline Vout
Antinuous by Caroline Vout
A Heavyweight at Rest: The Terme Boxer Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge
Ask a Cambridge Expert: The Romans with Hannah Price


More on Philosophy, Religion and Literature

“Filling the Gaps” CA Predisential Lecture Robin Osborne
Pax Romana: civilising the barbarians or evil empire? Christopher Kelly, Tom Holland, GM Tamás, Angus Kennedy
“Our (Ancient) Greek Minds” Western Blinders - 2017 SIFK Inaugural Conference Simon Goldhill
How to Be an Atheist — The Ancient Greek Way Tim Whitmarsh
The arts of imitation in Latin prose: Pliny’s Epistles / Quintilian in brief Christopher Whitton
Greece vs Rome, with Boris Johnson and Mary Beard
Swears, Bears and Mother-in-laws: Forbidden Words **Warning: contains offensive language** James Clackson


History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps: Classical Greek Philosophy

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps Frisbee Sheffield on Platonic Love (The Symposium and Phaedrus)

History of Philosophy without any gaps - James Warren on Epicureanism

Greek and Roman Literature - Festival of Ideas 2014 Richard Hunter



In Our Time BBCR4

Horace - In Our Time BBCR4 Emily Gowers, William Fitzgerald, Ellen O’Gorman
Socrates - In Our Time BBCR4 Angie Hobbs, David Sedley, Paul Millett
Aristotle’s Biology - In Our Time BBCR4 Armand Leroi, Myrto Hatzimichali, Sophia Connell
Epicureanism - In Our Time BBCR4 Angie Hobbs, David Sedley and James Warren
Plato’s Republic - In Our Time BBCR4 Angie Hobbs, MM McCabe, James Warren
Zeno’s Paradoxes - In Our Time BBCR4 James Warren, Marcus du Sautoy, Barbara Settler
Plato’s Symposium - In Our Time BBCR4 Angie Hobbs, Richard Hunter, Frisbee Sheffield