Profile: Alicia

For someone as indecisive as myself, choosing Classics was a decision I wasn’t afraid to make. Due to the vast array of disciplines on offer (Art and Architecture, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Ancient History, on top of the language and literature of both Latin and Ancient Greek), there really is no course more exhilarating. Although now, ironically, at Part II, my choices culminate in only two of these fields, Greek Literature and Philosophy, having the option to study the other disciplines in previous years gave me the opportunity to approach Classics from so many different angles and to learn things I would never have otherwise dreamed of doing, including transcribing Etruscan inscriptions and drawing ‘Syntax Trees’, which, in all honesty, still confuse me. Part II offers the exciting possibility of focusing on the aspects of Classics that I find most interesting, and in much greater depth than at Part I. No matter how small Cambridge is or at least feels, there is always room for thought, and choosing to do a thesis at Part II has really opened my mind, enabling me to develop my own ideas, as well as guiding my own independent study. Still being rather intimidated to sit in the Classics Faculty Library among people whose names constantly appear on my essay bibliographies, as well as being in awe of having supervisions in the Museum of Classical Archaeology, I realise that these are ‘Cambridge moments’ which make studying Classics at Cambridge even better.

Alicia, third year undergraduate