Profile: Dr Sophia Connell

I came to Cambridge to study in the Classics Faculty as a Post Graduate student, having studied Philosophy in Canada. I was welcomed and nurtured here. Coming from Philosophy, I had a lot to learn about what was going on in the world around ancient philosophical thought, what brought it about and why it had the flavour it did.  I began to see why science and other branches of study were not separate, how to study of the natural world was to be a philosopher.  

I work on Aristotle’s biological works.  Better known as a philosopher, Aristotle also documented the anatomies and behaviours of a huge variety of animals and attempted to explain how they sense, breathe, digest and reproduce, using his extensive method of logical explanation.  I am also fascinated by ancient political philosophy.  Plato wrote about the tyrannical egomaniacal personality, whose promises to improve the lives of the people can make him such an attractive prospect - a thought of increasing relevance today.  

I love Classics because it combines knowledge of language and culture with a rich involvement with the history of ideas, leading to much reflection on what we do and think about today. 

Dr Sophia Connell, Affiliated lecturer in Ancient Philosophy