Profile: Katherine

I didn’t know I wanted to study Classics until I was accepted to spend the spring of my third year in undergrad at Pembroke as a Classics student.  When I got to Cambridge, my supervisors went above and beyond.  They were committed to meeting me where I was at in my studies (which was often a very different place from my more experienced peers at Cambridge) and to pushing me to think about literature in completely new ways.  Being a quasi-undergrad at the Classics Faculty meant that I had a wealth of opportunities at my fingertips to explore Classics outside the Faculty as well—exhibits at the British Museum in London, student productions in Cambridge, and even a subsidised trip to Rome to learn about Roman art over Easter vacation! When I returned to my home institution in the US, it was time to start looking for graduate programmes, and for me the choice was simple.  I applied to return to both Pembroke and the Classics Faculty as an MPhil, where I am now doing research on everything from ancient Roman trees to poorly behaved intellectuals at dinner parties to bookstores in the Roman Empire.’ #MyCamClassics

Katherine, MPhil student 2016-2017