Profile: Paul Cartledge

“An Oxonian ‘Greats’ man by original formation, I found the intellectual air on the other side of Bletchley to be far more bracing and congenial, when I arrived to join the Faculty in 1979. Just a few years later, the ‘X’ (interdisciplinary) Caucus was founded, again something right up my - comparativist historian’s - street. I gave individual supervisions at one point for 26 out of the then 31 colleges - needs must. It’s something I miss quite acutely after my retirement (2014). But it was the lecturing side of a University Teaching Officer’s duties that did most to foster my research and book publication. Several of my books, including some of those I’m most proud of, grew directly out of my Part II special subject C Caucus lecturing - most recently Democracy: A Life (March 2016). Between March and December 2016 I gave 6 schools talks, took part in 2 TV and 2 radio broadcasts, and 2 podcasts, made 2 videos, wrote 3 blogs, delivered 3 formal public lectures, and gave 17 other sorts of talks, mainly at literary festivals - the great majority of those 37 items in the service of ‘promoting’ the Democracy book. Such I take it is outreach, but without Cambridge Classics - nothing.” #MyCamClassics