The Interview

One part of the Cambridge application process that’s surrounded by more myths than anything else is the Interview. In reality, the interview is an opportunity for our academics to get an even clearer understanding of your interest in and aptitude for studying Classics.

Most applicants to Cambridge are invited for an interview in the first three weeks of December. If you decide to apply, try to keep this time free of unbreakable commitments. The particular arrangements for the Interview are down to the Colleges. However, you will be interviewed by at least one subject specialist in Classics. The interviewers aren’t interested in “catching you out”, they want the interview to be a positive experience and to find out what your potential is as a Classics student. If you are interested in finding out more about the interview process, try watching the video “All about Interviews” produced by the Cambridge Admissions Office on the Apply page.

Most students find their interview less terrifying than they expected and some even find it enjoyable!

While you are in Cambridge there will also be an assessment of your abilities in language. If you are applying for the four-year course this will take the form of a special verbal language assessment, adapted to your own personal language learning background, with one of our Language Teaching Officers. If you are applying for the three-year course it will take the form of a 1 hour exercise in translating Latin into English (or Greek into English, if you have only studied Greek and not Latin). These assessments provide a valuable extra piece of information about you that will be taken into account in assessing your application.