Tragedy and Comedy: Curriculum Links

How do these videos link with what you are teaching? 

The video on Women in the Ancient World: Greek Tragedy, has clear links to the OCR GCSE Classical Civilisation module on Women in the Ancient World, as it discusses both ‘Helen’ and ‘Medea’ of Euripides. 

‘Medea’ is also a set text for the Invention of the Barbarian module, in explaining the context of fifth century Athens, Dr Omitowoju gives an essentail insight to the meaning of the play. 

It is also useful for learners of the Greek Theatre module of the OCR Classical Civilisation A Level, and give context to the situation of women in the presrcibed plays, especially the Bacchae. 

In Khameleon Productions: Medea, Francesca Amewudah-Rivers (writer/composer) and Shivaike Shah (writer/producer) discuss their adaptation of Euripides’ Medea. First put on when they were students at Oxford University as the first all-diverse production there, they are reviving the show in London, along with an outreach programme which aims to diversify Classics education. With support from TORCH, ACE and the generous support of the Cambridge Classics Faculty, hear them discussing their vision for the production.

Medea by Euripides is a prescribed text for the OCR Classical Civilisation A Level. This discussion with the producers of an all BAME Medea is a great resource for use in the classroom. Khameleon Productions’ adaptation of the play focuses on Medea’s “otherness” and exclusion. It is also useful for those studying the OCR Women in the Ancient World GCSE module.