World of the Hero: Curriculum Links

statue head of odysseus

How can You use the videos in this section?

Videos in this section are perfect companions for the OCR A Level World of the Hero (H408/11) module. 

For GCSE student of the Homeric World module (J199/21). 

For those studying Latin or Ancient Greek, the videos on the Odyssey, the Iliad and the Aeneid are great for contextualisation of the texts. 

The Odyssey

Watch “Ancient and Modern Heroes” to understand the ancient ideas of time and kleos. Follow prof Tim Whitmarsh as he explores how the ancients thought about heroes, and how that differs to us, the modern audience. 

The Illiad 

Perfect for starting out your adventure with the Homeric Epic, Dr Tom Nelson’s 30 second introduction to the Iliad, can also serve as a quick recap activity. Why not use the short video as a discussion point of the plot and themes of the epic poem. 

The Aeneid

For a great recap of the first four books of the epic, illustrated with modern paintings, watch Dr Ingelhard’s video “Does Virgil Lie”. Dr Ingelhard also discusses the fate of Dido, and explores the possible historical roots of her story.