Diversity in the Greek and Roman Worlds

Queer Antiquities Trail

Queer Antiquities 

Trail At the Museum of Classical Archaeology 

This trail was originally made available as part of Cambridgeshire LGBTQ History Month in February 2018. It has been permanently available ever since.

Medea by Euripides is a prescribed text for the OCR Classical Civilisation A Level. This discussion with the producers of an all BAME Medea is a great resource for use in the classroom. Khameleon Productions’ adaptation of the play focuses on Medea’s “otherness” and exclusion. It is also useful for those studying the OCR Women in the Ancient World GCSE module. 

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Linguistics and Britain Resources

Linguistic diversity and Roman Britain. 

What determines which languages ancient people spoke? Which languages were used in Roman Britain? Is language tied to ethnicity? Dr Philippa Steele introduces the academic study of languages, and shows how inscriptions reveal how the history of languages and peoples are tied together.

Khameleon Classics Podcast

We have partnered with Khameleon Prductions to bring you some exciting podcasts about diversity in Classics. 

Here are our top picks of the podcast so far: