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You don’t have to have taken particular subjects at school to study Classics at Cambridge. Our 4-year degree course starts from scratch and awards the same degree as our 3-year course taken after A-Level Latin.

“Classics” is the study of the Greek and Roman cultures in the broadest sense. At Cambridge we study Greek and Latin language, literature, philosophy, history, art and archaeology. You get to specialise in what most interests you.

Student Perspective 

Watch Zaynab’s video to explore what studying at the Classics Faculty is like. Want more? Why not Click on the Student Profiles tab above and read what our students really think about Classics. 

Student Perspective: Zaynab Ahmed

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The Parthenon

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Classics Clips 

Explore this section of short videos and get a taste of the wide-range of things Cambridge Classicists get up to. For longer, lecture style videos, see our list of lectures.


How We Learn

Find out more about supervisions, lectures, language classes and all the other learning opportunities that make up a Classics degree at Cambridge in the How We Learn tab. 

60 Second Impressions

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Wondering where a Classics degree can get you? Find out  about the vairety of Careers our graduates got into in the Careers section.