We hope you are considering the possibility of applying to Cambridge to study Classics.

If you are, then the process is similar to applying to any other UK University, the main difference being that the deadlines are earlier. This is so we can gather all of the information we need to make the best decisions.

Is Classics for you?

If you’re going to be studying Classics at a very high level for three or four years it’s obviously really important that you think you would enjoy the subject! So it is well worth spending some time before applying thinking about what really interests you.

The Cambridge 4 Year Course

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At Cambridge we invest a large amount of time in every applicant to make sure that we admit the candidates best suited to studying here. This page guides you through all the different steps of the application process.

Interview Tips

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Detailed information about our 3-year and 4-year (for those without an A-Level in Greek or Latin) courses is available by clicking here.

Fill in the Forms

To apply to Cambridge you need to submit you UCAS online application by 15 October and Cambridge’s own Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), which is due in shortly afterwards. These forms give us vital information about you as a candidate for admission and it is important that you complete them carefully and thoughtfully.

The Interview

One part of the Cambridge application process that’s surrounded by more myths than anything else is the Interview. In reality, the interview is an opportunity for our academics to get an even clearer understanding of your interest in and aptitude for studying Classics.


After the application process is over there are three possible outcomes:

1.You will be made an offer. This means that the College you applied to have accepted your application and wish to offer you a place. If you have not yet sat your final school exams this offer will usually be conditional and depend upon your achieving certain grades in the qualifications you are taking. If you have already completed all your school exams you may be made an unconditional offer of a place.

All about Interviews

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Choose a College

One of the most common questions Cambridge applicants ask us at the Faculty is, “what College should I apply to?”