Fill in the Forms

To apply to Cambridge you need to submit you UCAS online application by 15 October and Cambridge’s own Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), which is due in shortly afterwards. These forms give us vital information about you as a candidate for admission and it is important that you complete them carefully and thoughtfully.

The UCAS application collects a lot of information about you as a potential Cambridge student and also contains references, written by your teachers, in support of your application to Cambridge. It also includes a “personal statement”, a space which allows you to tell us why you are interested in studying Classics.

We often get asked what people should write in personal statements, and the first and most obvious answer is that they should be “personal”. They should give us a sense of your particular interest in Classics and why you think you would enjoy studying the subject at University. Where did your interest come from? What have you done to find out more about the Ancient World? What do you think is the most attractive thing about studying Classics at University? These might be some good questions to start thinking about.

In addition, you will often be asked to submit written work, which will help those assessing your application to understand your abilities and your potential more fully.

If you want more information about the application process please visit the University Undergraduate Study Website and the part of that site specifically dedicated to our Classics courses.