HM Treasury

I work at HM Treasury, where my job is to advise the Chancellor of the Exchequer and other Treasury Ministers on the best way to invest the billions that the Government spends on infrastructure in order to support productivity and economic growth. My degree in Classics (I was at Emmanuel College from 2010 to 2013) was excellent preparation for the world of work.

It taught me to think critically, and structure arguments in a clear and concise way that allows Ministers to understand complex policy issues. Moreover, the supervision system taught me how to hold my own in the face of senior experts. Writing or presenting a Ministerial briefing is not unlike a Cambridge supervision: you have to be well-grounded in the topic at hand, and be prepared to explain the evidence supporting your conclusions in a robust manner.

The best thing about a Cambridge Classics degree is the amount of variety that it offers: any undergraduate is expected to juggle a number of very different subjects, from political history to art to literature. It is true that it’s hard work, but it proves that you can thrive under pressure, and spread your wings no matter what is thrown at you. I wouldn’t have chosen to study anything else!

Sophie Odenthal