New Outreach Initiative

'virtual classics with Cambridge' and statue of discobolos on black background

New Outreach Programme from the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge 


We are pleased to announce a new outreach initiative from The Faculty of Classics at Cambridge aimed at students and teachers interested in the Ancient Mediterranean World: Virtual Classics with Cambridge. 

Virtual Classics with Cambridge: Academics on YouTube

Part One of our programme is a new series of videos hosted on the Greeks Romans and Us website, and our YouTube Channel.

Our short taster videos are aimed broadly at teachers and students with an interest in the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds and are not restricted to those currently studying the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Wherever possible we emphasize curriculum links to a wide range of subjects, showcasing their relevance to broader areas of study (English, Politics, Maths, Linguistics, Art History, Religious Studies).

We encourage teachers in a variety of subjects to use these enrichment videos. We also highlight relevance to the Classical Civilisation and Ancient History curriculums in special ‘curriculum links’ sections throughout the website. 

This series of videos from members of the Faculty of Classics is now published on our re-vamped ‘Greeks Romans and Us’ website.

Virtual Classics with Cambridge: School Sessions. 

Part Two of our outreach initiative are live streamed school sessions offered by our academics.

This part of the programme is especially for state school teachers and their students. If you feel inspired by one of our videos and would like your students to find out more and discuss their ideas with a Cambridge Classics Academic all you need to do is complete this short form.

 Our Access & Outreach Team will match your needs with a Cambridge academic, and arrange for a member of the faculty to deliver an online lecture and Q&A session to your students via Zoom or Google Meets. The session does not need to be tied to the videos from our website at all, however they can be useful to get your students thinking about questions they might want to ask before the talk. 

This programme replaces our previous ‘Come See Be Inspired’ programme which has not been possible this year. Complete the form or reach out to us to discuss your needs.