Profile: Emily

‘As I embarked on the three-year course, I didn’t quite realise the breadth of the programme here. The balance of lectures, classes and supervisions gives you the scope to be composing ancient Greek prose, reading Latin poetry, interpreting the images from a Greek vase, learning from globally-renowned scholars in ancient history, and battling with philosophical concepts, all in one day!

Not only is there a time-frame extending over 3000 years, but you also have the opportunity to discover the ancient world from any perspective, which can be totally captivating. Having enjoyed the nuances of the ancient languages at school, I am excited to be pursuing philology, while also taking up philosophy, which I never imagined could be so fascinating, especially since, to my shame, I’d written it off as too elusive before coming to Cambridge.

In this way, the course stretches your linguistic, analytical and writing abilities, and deepens your appreciation of the ancient texts, which are key in making sense of both the ancient world and the world in which we live today. The course certainly has something for every Classicist out there!’