Art and Archaeology

In the videos on Peplos Kore, Discobolus and Antinous, Professor Carrie Vout introduces some of the most loved objects from the Museum of Classical Archaeology. 

Michael Loy (who has finished his PhD since the making of this video) cramms an impressive amount of facts into this 1 minute video about the Parthenon and the statue inside it. 

Art & Archaeology Curriculum Links

Classical Civilisation 

Teachers and learners of the Classical Civilisation A Level, Greek Art and Architecture module will recognise many of the objects from the specification on this list. Professor Caroline Vout’s video on the Peplos Kore will offer students a rare opportunity to think about polychromy in the ancient world. While the Parthenon clip is rather short, it is a fun introduction to the monumental temple, and a good taster of Greek Architecture.

Want your students to understand how broad the the world of art and archaeology is? Why not show them this short video by our students, explaining their interests and passions.