Philosophy and Religion

“Before Columbus everybody thought the Earth was flat!”

Nicholas Denyer debunks the 19th century myth in this engaging video. Watch how he uses the philosophy and writing of Aristotle to show how and what the ancients knew about the world that surrounded them. 

Curriculum Links: Epicurus

While Epicurus views on Death are not explicitly mentioned by the specification, his ideas of death as non existence contrast sharply with Christian views of for example Augustine. This short video could be a great jumping off point to discuss beliefs about death and afterlife in connection to a number of modules of the OCR Religious Studies A Level. 

Head of the Statuette of Socrates

Curriculum Links: Plato and Socrates

How do these videos link with what you are teaching? 

Ancient History

This section of video is invaluable for all studying OCR Alevel Ancient History: Depth study in H407/12: The Culture and Politics of Athens, c. 460–c.399 BC, as well as the OCR GCSE Ancient History: From Tyranny to Democracy, 546–483 BC Module.

Watch a snippet of Dr Warren’s lecture on what the problem with Socrates was, discussing Critias and Alcibiades, the Athenian defeat in Peloponnesian War and the coup of the 30 tyrants.